Quilt and Blanket Cleaning

Quilt and Blanket Cleaning Services
Quilt and Blanket Cleaning Services
Quilt and Blanket Cleaning Services

Quilt and Blanket Cleaning

Quilts and blankets contact with our body for a long time, so regular cleaning is needed. Considering the volume of washing machines for homes, it is often not possible to wash quilts and blankets at home.

Shampoo and stain removers used in quilt and blanket cleaning should be carefully selected and rinsed with plenty of water. Washing revolution should be adjusted correctly so that your quilts and blankets are not damaged during washing.

As Ay-Tur Carpet Cleaning, we provide washing service with suitable shampoo, stain remover and at the right revolution by using industrial quilt washing machine in our facility.

Quilt Washing Process

Your quilts and blankets are thoroughly cleaned with a 6-stage washing and cleaning process with an industrial quilt washing machine and auxiliary equipment.


1. Pre-wash

Your quilts and blankets are washed at the appropriate temperature to remove dust and coarse dirt in order to detect stains better.

Stain Detection

2. Removal of Stains

Right amount and suitable stain remover is applied in order to remove detected stains on your quilts or blankets.

Quilt Cleaning

3. Quilt Cleaning

In the industrial quilt washing machine, they are washed one by one with the appropriate revolution, temperature and shampoo.


4. Rinse and Spin

The quilts and blankets, which are rinsed with plenty of water, are spinned at a revolution that they will not be damaged.

Drying Room

5. Quilt Drying

It is dried by evaporating the moisture on the duvets and blankets with hot air in humidity controlled closed drying rooms.

Control and Package

6. Control and Packaging

The dried quilts and blankets are packaged after the cleaning control and delivered to the service unit for delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled the most common questions and answers for you. Contact us for more detailed information and other questions!

Can every quilt be cleaned?

It is possible to clean all quilts with professional machines and methods, except for quilts that should not be contacted with water due to their characteristics.

How are quilts washed?

With the industrial quilt washing machine in our facility, quilts and blankets are washed one by one with a suitable shampoo, stain remover and at the right revolution.

How is the amount for washing quilts calculated?

Quilt and blanket cleaning services are calculated in terms of quantity. The service amount is calculated by multiplying the unit price by the quantity. You can find the unit prices on our pricing page.

How long will the carpets be delivered?

Although it varies depending on the season, quilts and blankets are generally received on the day of order or the next day. It is delivered ready-to-use in 3-4 days after acceptance.

Do you have plan to clean your carpets?

You can quickly create your order on our website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You will also be contacted to confirm your information.