Carpet Washing and Cleaning

Carpet Washing and Cleaning Services
Carpet Washing and Cleaning Services
Carpet Washing and Cleaning Services

Carpet Washing and Cleaning

Dust and mites that penetrated the carpets over time should be removed from the carpets. For a healthier living space, it is recommended to wash the carpets at least twice a year.

In our modern and advanced carpet cleaning facility, we have heated and humidity-controlled indoor drying room. So you can prefer our company for 4 seasons with peace of mind.

See the difference with our professional team, advanced carpet cleaning park and the right cleaning products!

Carpet Cleaning Process

In our fully automatic carpet cleaning park, your carpets are thoroughly cleaned with our 6-stage carpet washing and cleaning process.


01. Carpet Dusting

The first stage of the carpet washing process is dusting. In the dusting machine, the carpets are whipped at high revolution, and they are cleaned from dust and coarse dirt.

Stain Detection

02. Removal of Stains

Shampoos may not be enough to remove the stains on the carpet. The detected stains are treated with appropriate stain removers and correct method.

Carpet Cleaning

03. Carpet Cleaning

In the professional carpet cleaning park, carpets are cleaned both sides one by one. In the cleaning park, carpets go through the stages of soaking, shampooing, washing and rinsing.

Centrifuge Spin

04. Centrifuge Spin

The carpets are wringed in a centrifuge machine without folding, breaking and any deformation. At this stage, carpets are largely purified from rinsing water.

Drying Room

05. Carpet Drying

The moisture on the carpets evaporates in the humidity-controlled drying rooms with warmed air by heater. Then, moisture is evacuated by dehumidifiers.

Control and Package

06. Pile Comping

After the dry carpets are checked for cleaning, combing and fluffing is started. Then, they are perfumed (if requested), packaged and delivered to the service unit.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled the most common questions and answers for you. Contact us for more detailed information and other questions!

Can every carpet be cleaned?

Except some special carpet that should not be contacted with water at all, it is possible to clean all carpets with professional methods. Hand woven carpets can also be cleaned with the right products and methods.

Can every stain on the carpet be removed?

Except from the stains that are thoroughly embedded in the carpet texture, most types of stains are removed with professional stain removers suitable for the carpet type with the correct amount and time of treatment.

Do you have a service to every region in Istanbul?

Free delivery service for carpet cleaning is provided to the Anatolian Side from Üsküdar to Beykoz, from Çekmeköy to Pendik, considering the amount. Paid delivery service is provided to the European Side, taking into account the distance from the region. Please contact us for more information.

Can dust be completely removed?

Almost all of the dust and sand can be removed, although it varies depending on the usage pattern and the sweeping frequency of the carpet. However, the dense dust that is matted too much or turns into sand that is well penetrated into the pile bottom as a result of walking around with shoes, unfortunately, cannot be completely removed.

Is there any carpet collection service?

Carpets are picked up and delivered at the door. However, in cases such as illness, old age, pregnancy, we help our customers in accordance with their demands and requests.

How long will the carpets be delivered?

Although it varies depending on the season, the carpets are generally received on the day of order or the next day. It is delivered ready-to-use in 3-4 days after acceptance.

Do you have plan to clean your carpets?

You can quickly create your order on our website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You will also be contacted to confirm your information.